How long does it take to update my DNS settings?

If you’re paying for a domain by instalments, you will have the ability to set the DNS settings for that domain.

Once you request a change your DNS settings, you need to wait for three things to happen:

  1. In some cases, the domain must be transferred to Brandpa from the current owner. This is to guarantee you will receive the domain.
  2. Brandpa must apply DNS changes manually to your domain. We have to do this manually because we work with a huge range of registrars, and almost none of them provide an automated way to change these settings.
  3. Any changes to DNS must ‘propagate’ – i.e. be copied across the Internet from computer-to-computer. Propagation is part of how DNS works, and is completely out of our control. It means that after a DNS change, it is possible for some people to see the domain with either the new or the old settings. In theory propagation can take up to 48 hours, but practice, it almost always only takes a few hours.

Because of differences in timezones between yourself, the domain owner, and Brandpa, the first two steps might take less than an hour, or rarely up to a day. If you submit a DNS change on a weekend, Brandpa has limited coverage, and you might need to wait until Monday.