How to use a domain on instalments

This page applies to customers who bought domains via instalments only.

Domains and hosting

A domain name allows you to use a given address for your website, for example “” is a domain name.

In addition to your domain name, you will need hosting to serve your website to users. Hosting is not included with the purchase of your domain, but is widely available for a low cost. The exact hosting you require will depend on the technology used to build your website, so Brandpa are unable to advise you on this. You should speak to the people who built your website to determine an appropriate hosting service.

You will usually also want to use email with your domain. Like your website, email must also be hosted. You can usually just use the same company that hosts your website, or you may prefer a dedicated service such as Google’s G Suite.

Using your domain

Once you know who is hosting your website and email, you need to connect them to your new domain name.

To do this, you need to set “DNS records” or “Name servers” for the domain to point to your website and email hosts. These are technical pieces of information, but whoever you are using for your hosting should be able to provide them for you.

To give an example, your hosting company might say something like: “Set your name servers to…” or “Add a DNS record for…” The precise format will vary, but every single hosting company has to do this, so they’re usually quite good at explaining it.

Once you have this information email it to your contact at Brandpa (whoever spoke to you when you completed your purchase). Or if you’re unsure, use this form. We’ll confirm your details make sense and apply them to your domain.

Note that due to the nature of domain names, changes to DNS records can take up to 48 hours to take effect over the whole Internet, and they don’t take effect everywhere at once. So it’s possible for some people to see your new hosting, and for others not to, during the initial 48 hour period.

Domain renewal fees

Brandpa covers the cost of any domain renewal fees during the period where you are paying instalments.

When the domain is transferred to you

When your final payment is received full ownership of the domain will be transferred to you. At this point, you can update the DNS yourself. You won’t need to change anything unless you want to.