Moving a domain name between GoDaddy accounts

When you purchase a domain name, one of the Brandpa team will contact you and let you know where this name is currently hosted. If the name is hosted with GoDaddy, and your preferred registrar is also GoDaddy, we can transfer the name form the holding GoDaddy account to yours.

In order to do that, we will need your GoDaddy Customer ID as well as the email address associated with this ID.

After the transfer is initiated on our end, you will receive an email from GoDaddy asking you to accept the transfer on your end. These are the steps you’ll need to complete to make sure the name is transferred to you successfully:

  1. You will soon receive an email that includes the button which says “Activate Now”. Please click on this button.
  2. Update your details and select “I certify that the organisation listed above is the registrant and I am authorised to act on their behalf.” Then, press “Next”.
  3. On the “Almost done” screen, check the “I understand and agree …” message, and click on the “Begin Transfer” button.
  4. Now, both the current and new owner must approve these updates.
  5. When you receive an email from GoDaddy to approve the transfer, please approve it (in that email, click on the “Review and Approve the update”).
  6. When you click on the above, you will be taken to the screen where you can press on the “Yes, Update contact information” button.

It is very important you let us know once the above steps are completed as we will need to release the name from us to you again.

Your domain name transfer should complete within 5 working days (but, in practice, it usually happens on the same day). You’ll receive a separate email from GoDaddy once the transfer is completed.