What cookies does Brandpa use?

Brandpa uses some necessary cookies to make our website work, and some analytics cookies to help us improve, by measuring how people use our website.

Necessary cookies

Fraud prevention

We use Stripe to facilitate payments on our website. Stripe may use fraud prevention cookies (e.g. “m”), to help detect potentially harmful or illegal use of their services. About Stripe’s cookies.

Load balancing

The cookie “bpClientId” is used to ensure that any connections made to our website are consistently delivered by our multiple web servers.


If you log in to Brandpa, or are in the process of purchasing a domain name, we use a session state cookie (PHPSESSID) to maintain state between web pages.

Analytics cookies

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to count the number of unique visitors to pages within our website, and to summarise high level information about their devices (e.g. mobile vs desktop) and behaviour (e.g. duration looking at a page). This information is anonymous and never connected to any other information about you. About Google’s cookies.

Facebook Pixel

If you have consented to Facebook, and are a user of Facebook, we may use a Facebook Pixel to identify when you have clicked on a Facebook advertisement. This information allows us (and Facebook) to measure which adverts are effective. About Facebook’s cookies.