Appraising a domain via the Brandpa API (BETA)

Accessing the API

Access to API is only available to selected partners on request. You will need an API key to proceed.

Request format

Make a HTTP GET request to: with the following arguments:

  • key – your API key
  • domain – the domain you wish to appraise


  • You can only appraise .com domain names at this time, as Brandpa only accepts .com domains, and valuations for other domains would be significantly different.
  • We don’t appraise domains for household trademarks (e.g. “”) or highly offensive terms, e.g. swear words.
  • We record all API use and reserve the right to throttle or disable access if it is excessive.

Response format

Responses return a JSON object:

  "domain": "",
  "created": 1594568546,
  "version": "1.1",
  "state": "allowed",
  "special": "",
  "estListPrice": 4995,
  "word": "BrandBot",
  "tld": "com",
  "syllables": 2,
  "markov": 100,
  "words": [
  "error": null

For successful responses:

  • domain – the domain name requested.
  • created – when this appraisal was completed, as a UNIX timestamp. Responses can be cached, so this might be some time in the past.
  • version – the version of BrandBot conducting the appraisal.
  • special – a special state, which can be  tooLow if the domain is valued less than what Brandpa would accept, tooHigh if the value is too high (over $50000 USD) to be reliably appraised, or empty for all other domains.
  • estListPrice – our estimated listed price for this domain.
  • word – the text part before the TLD.
  • tld – the domain’s TLD (e.g. “com”).
  • syllables – the number of syllables in the domain’s word.
  •  words – BrandBot’s best guess for the word boundaries in the domain, e.g. for “brandbot” it might see “brand” and “bot”.
  • error – always null if the request was successful, otherwise an object containing title and body (see below).

Handling failures

If a request fails, not all properties may be present. A failing response will always contain an error object, containing a title and body property:

  "domain": "",
  "created": 1594569119,
  "version": "1.1",
  "state": "rejected",
  "special": null,
  "estListPrice": null,
  "word": "BrandBot",
  "tld": "couk",
  "syllables": null,
  "markov": null,
  "words": null,
  "error": {
    "title": "We only accept .com domains",
    "body": "The vast majority of our customers are looking for .com domain names."


All requests are cached at Brandpa’s discretion. We will generally purge our cache after a significant BrandBot version increase.