The Brandpa API


The Brandpa API can be used to appraise a domain’s estimated value. We intend to expand these capabilities over time.

Request an API key

You will need an API key to use our API. Raise a support ticket and send us the following details to apply:

  1. Your email
  2. The name of your organisation, or your name if this is for personal use
  3. The address of the website that will be using the API
  4. Roughly how many domains you hope to appraise per day
  5. A brief description of what the API will be used for

Once we’ve verified your details we’ll send you an API key.


  • We may refuse access to the API for direct competitors to Brandpa
  • We may refuse access to organisations who we believe are illegal, deceptive, or otherwise harmful
  • We may limit the volume or speed of API requests to ensure a reliable service for all of our users
  • Access to the Brandpa API is solely at the discretion of Brandpa, and may be revoked at any time


For web applications

Wherever you display information derived from the Brandpa API, you must include a visible link on the same page. This link must point to Brandpa ( and must contain only the word “Brandpa”, e.g.:

Source: <a href="">Brandpa</a>

You may choose to prefix this with “Source: ” or some equivalent that makes sense in your application.

For published data

If you are publishing data, e.g. for a white paper or other research, you must visibly credit Brandpa as follows:

Brandpa Ltd (