Buying domains via instalments

Some domain names can be purchased via monthly instalments. This is how these work:

  1. You can choose how many months you want to pay over, for example 6 months.
  2. You are quoted a fixed price for each instalment.
  3. You pay for the first month’s instalment via debit or credit card online.
  4. The domain name is held in escrow by Brandpa. You are now able to use the domain: for example, you can tell us to point the DNS to your website and email service. However you do not (yet) own the domain name.
  5. Each month the card you paid with will be automatically charged for your next instalment.
  6. When all of your instalments are paid for, Brandpa will transfer ownership of the domain to you.
  7. If you fail to keep up with your payments the domain will be returned to its original owner. You will lose use of the domain, and will not be refunded any of what you have paid.

Instalments can help make a domain more affordable, but please be careful to keep up with your payments.

Using a domain

You can use the domain by updating where the website and email for that domain points to (the DNS records). You will do this via a Brandpa representative, and not directly, as the domain will not be owned by you until you pay for it completely.

Learn more about using domains on instalments